Helping Amarillo’s Economy

Take a look at our name: Amarillo National Bank. You’ll notice that Amarillo comes before bank. That’s why we are committed to investing in our most valuable resource: not our family heritage or significant assets, but the people and businesses of Amarillo.

Opening Doors

Everyone deserves a chance to succeed. Everyone deserves the opportunity to improve their lives and fulfill their dreams. That’s why ANB strives to offer the lowest rates and fees in the marketplace, period. We are the leading auto lender in the area. We make more home loans than any other local bank. We have more ATMs, more branches, and better service than any other bank in this part of the world.
We also boast a small-business lending program that’s unparalleled, making small-dollar loans (under $1,000) on a regular basis. As a matter of good business, we offer credit to those who might not otherwise receive it. Why? Because we want to help make our customers’ dreams come true. We want to support jobs in Amarillo. We want to improve livelihoods and strengthen the local economy.

Sharing Our Perspective

For decades, ANB has offered the local marketplace our exclusive Economic Analysis, a free report featuring an exclusive monthly index calculating how the Amarillo economy is faring. Today, the entire region looks to the ANB Economic Analysis for valuable insight — and because we stay close to the heart of our community, we hear that heart beating loud and clear.


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