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Welcome to the future of local banking. We are ready to change the way Lubbock Banks.
Let us surprise you with our service and low rates on home and auto loans. We are Lubbock's mortgage lender! 

  • We've been banking in West Texas for 120 years.
  • For the last three years, we've been Lubbock's leading auto lender.
  • We're the only 100% family owned bank in Lubbock.
  • We have the area's lowest fees and low rates on home and auto loans.
  • You won't find better customer service at another Lubbock bank.

Contact Us

Please Call: (806) 712-7000
Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.
Saturday 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. 

5905 82nd St
Suite 103
Lubbock TX 79424


 Chuck Parr

Chuck Parr
Branch Manager

(806) 712-7530
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 Jerod Reep

Jerod Reep
Mortgage Lender

(806) 712-7529
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 David Medrano

David Medrano
Consumer Loans

(806) 712-7527
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ATM Locations


United Express

4407 19th St.


United Express

6321 4th St.


United Market Street

4425 19th St.

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5206 4thSt 



3404 Indiana Ave



2417 82nd St 



6420 82nd St



1619 50th St



4847 Slide Rd 



5115 98th St  



602 Ave Q 


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