Pay for Rain


When it rains, it pours pays.

Buy our 6-month Rainmaker CD before the first rain above .25 inches to take advantage of this offer.  When the rain comes down, your interest rate goes up! The rate starts at 1.0%APY. But when the first rainfall above .25 of an inch arrives—as measured by Amarillo’s National Weather Service within a 24-hour period—the rate will increase by 50% per inch up to 2 inches.

For more information stop by any branch or call customer service at (806) 378-8280.


Minimum deposit per household: $1,000.  Maximum deposit per household: $50,000. Households must be within a 150-mile radius of Amarillo, Texas. Substantial interest penalty required for early withdrawal. All rates subject to change daily. Maximum possible interest rate is 2.00%.

*Interest Rate increase expires after the first rainfall of .25 inches or above.

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