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Miscellaneous Fees and Charges

Cashier's Checks  
Customer: 2.00
Money Order  
Non-Customer: 5.00
Customer: 1.00
Travelers Cheques  
Non-Customer: 2%
Customer: No Charge
Travelers Cheques for Two  
Non-Customer: 2% plus $.50 per $100.00
Customer: $.50 per $100.00
Collections Incoming/Outgoing  
Non-Customer:  20.00
Customer: 10.00
Wire Transfer  
Non-Customer Outgoing: 20.00
Customer Outgoing:  15.00
Customer Incoming Wire:  5.00
Non-Customer Incoming:  20.00
Foreign Wire: 45.00
     Research Bank Records:  20.00 Per Hour
plus $.50 per copy
     Tax Levy / Freeze Processing:  10.00
     Statement Printout: 2.00
     Stop Payments: 19.00
     Paid NSF Item:
          Maximum 3 per day
     Insufficient Item Charge: 19.00
     Visa CheckCard Replacement: 4.00
     Picture CheckCard: 5.00
     Foreign ATM Usage Fee: 1.25 Per Item

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