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Credit Card Protection

Basic credit card protection

  • Sign the back of a new card as soon as you get it. If you don't, a thief could sign it for you — and use it. For even greater security, don't put your signature on your cards at all. Instead, write "PHOTO ID REQUIRED."
  • Memorize your personal identification number (PIN). Don't write it down in your wallet or on the back of the card.
  • Never leave your cards unattended — even at work, at your sports club, in a shop or in a doctor's office.

Using credit cards on the phone

  • NEVER give your account number over the phone unless you initiated the call.
  • If someone calls you claiming to be a bank representative and asks for your PIN, don't give it to them. Report it to us immediately.
  • Be careful! Mail and telephone solicitations may not all be legitimate. Be careful concerning offers that sound too good to be true, and NEVER give callers your card number over the phone or by mail unless you want them to charge your account.

Making a purchase

  • Do not respond to high-pressure sales tactics until you have had enough time to make a careful and informed decision.
  • Always check your card when you get it back in a store or restaurant. It's easy to forget your card when you're in a hurry. And it's easy for waiters or salespeople to give you the wrong card when they are in a hurry.
  • Always take your charge slips and destroy the carbons (if there are any).

Ensuring the safety of your ANB credit card statement

  • Know when your statement is due. If you don't receive it on time, contact us immediately.
  • Keep your receipts and check them off against your monthly statement. This is a simple way to discover whether someone else has used your card, or if your sales draft has been altered by a dishonest merchant. Report any errors.
  • Go paperless! By signing up for Credit Card Account Access, you can receive Online Statements or downloadable E-statements free of charge. How does this help? The fewer personal documents you have sent through the mail, the less chance there is for possible fraud.
  • Shred or otherwise destroy any paper billing statements before discarding. This can help prevent your account information from falling into the wrong hands.

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