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Family Owned, Family Strong

Take a look at the leadership history of most banks and you’ll find a jumbled mess, as they’ve been bought, sold, reorganized, and sold again. Then compare it with the leadership history of Amarillo National Bank, where you’ll see an unbroken family tree.

Benjamin Taliaferro (B.T. Ware) was a well-known cattleman, merchant banker, and one of the earliest settlers in the Amarillo area. In 1909, he purchased Amarillo National Bank. His family and descendants have been the driving force behind the bank ever since, helping it become the largest family-owned bank in the nation. Texas Monthly named the Ware family “Bankers of the Century” in 1999, and today the fourth generation of Wares (Richard and Bill) joins the fifth generation (Pat and William) in leading the way forward.

The familiar, conservative leadership of the Ware family means continuity and stability for our customers—many of whom come from families that have been part of the Amarillo landscape since the days of B.T. Ware. Being a family bank in a place where family comes first, we know what it’s like to work together, struggle together, and prosper together. That’s why we’re committed to helping every family grow and thrive in this place we call home.


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