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Fraud Alert

Page Last Updated: October 08, 2015

T-Mobile, Experian Hack

Experian, a credit processing vendor, was hacked this week and the bulk of data exposed belonged to T-Mobile and prospective T-Mobile customers. The hackers walked away with full identities, including names, addresses, birthdates, driver's license and passport numbers, and even social security numbers.

T-Mobile used Experian to handle customer credit checks. The 15 million records accessed by the hackers belong to people who applied to be T-Mobile customers. Not all the applicants had the credit to actually become T-Mobile customers, so the 15 million total includes current customers and non-customers who applied for service between Sept. 1, 2013 and Sept. 16, 2015. (The law requires that credit application data be held a minimum of 25 months, which is why the records go back so far.)

If you have been a T-Mobile customer since before Aug. 31, 2013, your data is probably safe. Consumers who applied to become T-Mobile in the date range above definitely need to take action.

The following link provides more in-depth information about the event.


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