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Your home is probably your biggest investment—and one you'd rather make with someone you trust. That's why Amarillo National Bank is the largest mortgage lender in the Texas Panhandle. As a hometown, family-owned bank, we keep the entire process local. That means we know your neighborhood, know your realtor, know the local economy, and can make decisions fast.

We offer a variety of loan programs to meet your specific, unique needs. To learn more, schedule a personal consultation with one of our expert Loan Officers today at 356-1418.

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Fixed-Rate Mortgages

Choose a fixed-rate mortgage when you wish the interest rate to remain fixed for the life of the loan.

Conventional Fixed-Rate Loan

Designed for borrowers looking for predictable monthly payments, who have good credit and can make at least a 5% down payment

  • Low down payment required
  • 30, 20, 15 and 10 year terms available
  • At the end of the term, your loan is paid in full

VA (Veterans Affairs) Loans

Need flexibility with down payment and closing costs?

Loans guaranteed and administered by the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Available for qualified individuals who have served in the armed forces

  • No down payment required
  • Choice of financing terms

Note: If you are a veteran and have funds available to use as a down payment, it may be wise to consider Conventional Mortgage Loans as well

FHA (Federal Housing Administration) Loans

Need help qualifying due to credit challenges, debt or other issues?

These loans generally require less of a down payment and have less stringent qualification requirements than conventional loans.

  • Any borrower of legal age is eligible to apply for an FHA mortgage loan regardless of income level, including non-U.S. citizens
  • Flexible requirements to help more buyers qualify
  • Various repayment terms available
  • Seller can contribute up to 6% of sales price toward closing costs
  • FHA limits the maximum amount an individual can borrow under this program based on the location of the property


Replace your existing mortgage with a new loan, and potentially gain a number of benefits.


The repayment of a debt from the proceeds of a new loan using the same property as security — usually with the goal of reducing monthly payments and/or interest paid over the life of the loan

  • Shortening your loan term is one way to achieve interest savings — e.g., moving from a 30-year fixed to a 15-year term will typically offer you a lower interest rate, but monthly payments may be higher

Cash-Back Refinancing

Borrowing against a home you own outright to refinance an existing mortgage — and take out cash at the time of closing

  • Funds are often used to pay off non-deductible debts (car loans, personal loans, credit cards, etc.)
  • Funds can also be used to finance a child's education or purchase additional real estate

Other Mortgage Options

Discover a number of available ANB solutions, including reverse mortgages and financing for investment property, construction, manufactured homes and more.

Investment Property Loans

Financing for the purchase of 1 to 4-unit dwelling properties (including condos).

  • Ideal for borrowers looking to gain a return by renting the property, profiting from appreciation over time, buying low/selling high, or renovating the property and selling it for more than the purchase price

Interim Construction Loans

A temporary loan for the construction of your new home

  • Once your dream home is finished, our Mortgage department conveniently converts the Interim to a permanent mortgage.
  • Ideal for borrowers who want to build their own home and want to make sure they get all the amenities they have always wanted

Bridge Loans

Designed for borrowers who need access to short-term funds to help purchase a new home, while waiting for a buyer on an existing home

  • Once your dream home is finished, you won't need another loan or pay another set of closing costs
  • Ideal for borrowers who want to build their own home and want to make sure they get all the amenities they have always wanted

Manufactured Home Mortgages

 Conventional loans for borrowers looking to buy a double-wide manufactured home permanently affixed to a foundation

  • 15 and 30-year terms available
  • The land on which the manufactured home is situated must be owned by the borrower

Mortgage e-Statements

We're all used to getting monthly mortgage statments in the mail. But did you know there's a better way? ANB Mortgage e-Statements. They're a simple and secure online version of your mortgage statements available through ANB Online Banking.

How do Mortgage e-Statements work?

  • Each month, ANB will send you an e-mail notification as soon as your mortgage statement is available.
  • You can review your most current statement online anytime, simply by logging on to ANB Online Banking.
  • Your Mortgage e-Statement can even be printed for your permanent records.

Are Mortgage e-Statments Secure?

Most identity theft occurs through regular mail and improperly discarded paper. By switching to Mortgage e-Statements, you can reduce that risk by viewing your statement online instead. And everything's protected by the state of the art security of ANB Online Banking.

Signing Up is Simple!

  1. Log on to your online banking account.
  2. Choose options.
  3. Scroll Down and Enroll in e-Statements.

The "E" Stands for

"Easy Access"

You can Access your most current statement through ANB Online Banking, anytime you want. 


By Viewing your statment online, you can save a lot of paper and a lot of trees.

"Even More Secure"

Identity theft experts agree: Mortgage e-Statments protect your personal information better than paper statments.


IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT PROCEDURES FOR OPENING A NEW ACCOUNT Amarillo National Bank complies with section 326 of the USA PATRIOT Act. Federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify and record information that identifies each person who opens an account such as name, address, date of birth and taxpayer identification. We may ask to see your driver's license or other identifying documents.

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