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Online Bill Pay FAQ

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Questions about getting started

What is the cost for using Online Bill Pay?

Online Bill Pay is free for all Amarillo National Bank checking account customers including ZashPay.

How do I start using Bill Pay?

You begin by adding Merchants/Payees accounts to your Merchant/Payee list. You can then schedule payments for them using the Setup/Change Payments or QuickPay options.

Can I download transactions to my software such as Quicken™, Microsoft Money™ or Microsoft Excel™?

It's easy to download transactions using the Export Feature in your Online Banking Account. Enter the account you wish to Export transanctions from, use the transactions button to download up to 2 months of past transaction history. If you require more than 2 months of transaction history please use the All Transactions button. This will allow you to pull upt to 16 months of trasaction history. You will be prompted to select the format you wish to use.

.CSV - Comma Separated - Microsoft Excel.

.QIF - Quicken.

.QFX - Quicken version 2003 or later.

.QBO - Quickbooks version 2003 or later.

.OFX - Money.

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Questions about setting up Merchants/Payees

When can I begin making payments to a new Merchant/Payee I added?

You can begin making payment to that Merchant/Payee immediately.

How do I set up utilities for automatic drafting?

The process originates with the utilities, and most have online functionality in place to make it simple. Start here:

Atmos Energy
City of Amarillo
Direct TV

How do I add a Merchant/Payee to my list?

Using the Merchant/Payee Accounts option, select Add Merchant/Payee and then complete the requested fields.

How do I change the account number or address for a Merchant/Payee?

Using the Merchant/Payee Accounts option, select the Merchant/Payee, select Details, and then update the appropriate information.

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Questions about making payments

What type of bill payments are available?

There are two types — one-time and automatic (or recurring). One-time payments are processed on the day you specify. On that date, the funds are withdrawn from your account and the payment is sent to the Merchant/Payee. The Merchant/Payee receives the payment two to five days after the payment date. Automatic payments are for recurring bills you want to pay at the same time every month (for example: each 15th). Online Bill Pay lets you set up a schedule that processes your payment at a specified frequency and repeats as many times as you indicate.

Do I have to re-enter payments each month?

If you make the same payment amount to a certain Merchant/Payee each month, you can set up automatic payments to send that same amount monthly. If the payment amount changes, you will need to create a new payment each time.

What is the maximum amount for any one payment?

There is a pre-determined limit on the amount you can pay. To ensure proper processing for a very large one-time payment, please contact Customer Service

How far in advance can I set up a payment?

Payments can be set up as much as 18 months in advance.

Are there any payments I should not make through the system?

The following payment types should not be made through the system:

  • Tax payments
  • Court-ordered payments
  • Payments to payees outside the United States

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Questions about scheduling payments

How many days before the due date do I need to schedule a payment?

To make sure your payment arrives on time, we recommend that your payment date be at least five business days before the actual due date (unless otherwise specified).

The number of days before the payment due date is called "lead time." This covers the time required for the Merchant/Payee to receive and post the payment — assuming you have used the correct address and account number. However, lead time does not guarantee when the Merchant/Payee will post the payment. The day that the payment is processed is not included in the lead time.

Lead time should be used with discretion, since only your experience with the Merchant/Payee will let you know for sure how many days to allow for actual posting of the payment.

What if my payment falls on a non-business day?

One-time payments cannot be scheduled for non-business days (such as weekends or federal holidays).

If an automatic/recurring payment date falls on a non-business day, the payment is processed on the preceding business day.

Is there a cut-off time for me to cancel or change a payment scheduled for today?

If you want to change or cancel a payment that is scheduled on the same day, you must do so before the daily settlement time (5 p.m. Central Time).

The system will display an error message if you attempt to modify a payment after this deadline.

How will I know if an automatic payment instruction has expired?

You will receive a secure "Final Payment" message notifying you that the last scheduled payment has been processed. You can modify and reschedule your payment if you wish to continue it.

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Questions about payment processing and history

How will I know if a payment was processed successfully?

The Payment History will show a status of "Processed" for that particular payment. However, this does not guarantee the Merchant/Payee received or posted this payment

Is there a way I can verify online that a Merchant/Payee received my payment?

Actual verification needs to come from the Merchant/Payee.

If payment was made to the Merchant/Payee by check, you can determine if the check has been cashed by viewing the payment details under payment history.

If the payment was made via electronic remittance, you must contact the Merchant/Payee to verify that the payment was received and posted.

How will I know if a payment failed?

The Payment History will show a status of "Failed" for that particular payment and the system will send you a message to let you know the payment failed. The most common reason for a failed payment is insufficient funds in the account used to make the payment.

What do I need to do if one of my Merchants/Payees notifies me that a payment has not been received?

First, contact the Merchant/Payee directly to verify that the payment has not been received. Next, use the Payment History menu to confirm that your payment was processed from ANB.com. View the payment details and select Research Request to initiate a Payment Investigation.

Why do I get a confirmation number when I make a payment?

Confirmation numbers are provided for all confirmed or modified payments. This is your assurance that a payment will be processed on the date it is scheduled. It is also a reference number that can be used for requesting research.

The payment history showed that my payment was processed, but my account has not been debited. Should I schedule another payment for this Merchant/Payee?

No. Whenever a payment shows a status of Processed in the Payment History, this means that the payment went out to the Merchant/Payee successfully. The debit to your account can take up to three business days to post.

Is there a way to see my previous payments?

Payment history is retained for up to 7 years. You may search for past payments by using one or a combination of the following:

  • Merchant/Payee name
  • Payment date
  • Payment amount
  • Confirmation number

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Questions about ZashPay

What is ZashPay?

ZashPay is an online personal payment service that lets you send money or receive money from anyone you know, using only their name and e-mail address or mobile number. The money is sent directly from your payment account to their account.

How do I send money?

When you send money to someone, the person receives notification (e-mail or text message) of your payment.

  • If the recipient has signed up for ZashPay, the money you send is automatically deposited into the person's account.
  • If the recipient hasn't signed up for the service, ZashPay sends the person an invitation that explains how to sign up for the service and claim the money you sent.

To send money:

  1. Click Pay People.
    • If this is your first time using ZashPay, read the welcome message and click Continue.
  2. In the Send Money section of the page, select the person you want to send money to.
    • If you've sent money to this person before, select the person from your list. His personal information is entered into the form for you.
    • If you are sending money to a person for the first time, enter his information in the form. (This person will be in your list the next time you send him money.)
  3. Enter the amount you want to send.
  4. In Pay From, select the account from which to withdraw the money you send.
    • Your preferred account is selected by default, but you can select any account that has check-writing privileges.
    • To make the selected account your preferred account, select Make Preferred Account.
  5. Include a message if needed. For example, "Thanks for the tickets" or "Here's my half of the dinner bill from last night."
  6. Click Preview Payment.
  7. Review the payment details and click Send Money.
    • The person receives notification (either e-mail or text message) of your payment.

How do I claim my money?

In most cases, the money you receive in ZashPay is automatically deposited into your account and the payment details are added to your history. However, if you haven't received money in ZashPay yet, or if the person sends you money using an e-mail address or mobile phone number that doesn't match what you entered in Service Setup, you need to take some additional steps to claim your money.

Claiming Money as a New User

If this is your first time getting money with ZashPay, you received an invitation (e-mail or text message) to sign up for the service. The invitation includes the amount the person is sending you and a secure transaction code.

  1. Click Pay People.
  2. Read the welcome message, and click Continue.
  3. Click Get Money (in the Get Money box near the top of the page).
  4. Enter the transaction code and your e-mail address or mobile number,depending on how you were notified.
  5. Click Get Money.

The money is deposited into your account, and the payment details are added to your history.

Claiming Money as an Existing User

If a person sends you money using an e-mail address or mobile number that is different from the ones you entered in Service Setup, you'll receive an invitation with a secure transaction code.

  1. Click Pay People.
  2. Click Get Money (in the Get Money box near the top of the page).
  3. Enter the transaction code and the e-mail address or mobile number that the person used to send you the money.
  4. Click Get Money.

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Other questions about Online Bill Pay

How do I send a secure message to Customer Service?

When you select Compose New Mail from the menu, you'll see a drop-down menu of recipients. Select the appropriate recipient and click the Create Message button.

Can I send a secure message to one of my Merchant/Payees?

No, you may only send a secure message to us.

Can I receive an e-mail to let me know that the system has sent me a secure message?

To indicate when you want to receive an e-mail, select Personal Information, Alerts. On this screen you can choose which incidents should generate an e-mail.

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