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Real Account (Available Since 2006)

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General Real Account questions

How does a Real Account differ from my current checking account?

The Real Account is a special all-electronic banking account — in other words, a checkless checking account! ANB has replaced the hassle of dealing with paper checks, and we'll even reward you for doing all of your banking business electronically.

You can be rewarded a $10 cash deposited to your Real Account at the end of each month for meeting these simple requirements:

  • Must have at least one (1) direct deposit
  • Must receive e-mail statements
  • Must have ten (10) or more Real Card or ATM transactions per month
  • Checks cannot be written on this account
  • For personal accounts only (no businesses at this time)
  • Customer's permanent address must be within a 180-mile radius
  • During first two (2) months, will allow five (5) money orders per month with no fees
  • $5,000 authorization limit on Real Card

Will I receive a bank statement each month?

Yes. Each month, we will e-mail you a message indicating your bank statement is available online at ANB.com.

How can I obtain the balance of my account if I'm not posting it to a checkbook ledger, the old-fashioned way?

Just like any ANB checking account, you can always track your balance via Online Banking or our Telephone Banking system.

What are the minimum balances for this account?

Other than the $50 to open the account, there are no minimum balances required.

Can I make regular deposits to the Real Account — other than direct deposit paychecks?

Yes, we will be happy to add any deposit checks or cash into your account. Simply fill out a paper deposit form, available at all of our banking locations. You will be provided with a booklet of preprinted deposit slips when you open the account. And yes— you can get cash back on these deposit items if all other account depository requirements are met.

What will my statement date be on this account?

The statement date for all Real Accounts at Amarillo National Bank will be around the 15th of every month.

How many Real Accounts can I open?

You will be limited to opening only one Real Account per Social Security number.

What happens if I write a paper check on the account?

The check will pay, but you will not be eligible for a Real Account $10 Reward that month.

Can I convert my existing checking account to a Real Account?

Yes. Keep in mind, your statement date may change, and you will have to meet all Real Account requirements.

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Questions about the Real Card

How does a Real Card differ from my Visa® Check Card?

It does not. Just like a Visa check card, your Real Account card can be used to handle all of your necessary banking activities — including paying bills, obtaining cash from ATMs, utilizing Point of Sale terminals, making purchases at retailers that accept Visa, or anywhere else that accepts debit-card transactions. (Other bills can be paid online via ANB's Online Bill Pay.)

What do I do with my old Visa® Check Card once I receive my Real Card?

For security purposes, you must destroy the old Visa® Check Card once your Real Card is activated.

How long do I have to get my paycheck converted to direct deposit after I open the Real Account?

For paycheck direct deposit: 30 days. Your employer should be able to get this done. If they need help, your employer can contact ANB.

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Questions about the Real Account Reward

When will I receive my $10 reward each month?

Provided you meet the account requirements, you will begin receiving a $10 reward deposited to your account on your second statement. Reward deposits are made on the first business day after the month end of your statement date.

Is this $10 Real Account Reward considered interest?

No. However, the IRS does require that we issue a 1099 form at the end of the calendar year to disclose how much reward cash we have deposited to your account. This will be reportable to the IRS on your income tax return.

How long will I get my Real Account Reward?

While the bank reserves the right to cancel the program at any time after your account has been open for 12 months, our intent is to reward you indefinitely.

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