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Circle A Title Company is an independent title insurance agent having underwriter relationships with Title Resources Guaranty Company, WFG National Title Insurance Company, National Investors Title Insurance Company and Commonwealth Land Title. It is staffed by a team of seasoned title professionals who understand both the residential and commercial ins and outs of the title insurance business and know how to cater to your needs as a buyer, seller, realtor, or builder. In addition, Circle A Title Company has three attorneys with more than 125 years of combined legal experience available at all times to solve difficult title problems and to assist in making your closing successful.

The title company began business in May of 2010 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Amarillo National Bank, the leading residential mortgage lender in Amarillo, Texas. Unlike most mortgage lenders, Amarillo National Bank does not just make residential mortgage loans, it services them locally, right here in Amarillo, Texas. If you have a problem or question about your ANB mortgage you don’t have call a service center in a far away place. You can call the servicing department here and get the help you need. If necessary you can drive on down to the bank and meet with the loan servicer in person. Everything is handled locally at ANB.

Now you can get your mortgage loan at Amarillo National Bank, close it at the bank’s title company, and have it serviced at the bank, right here in Amarillo.

Why go anywhere else?


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