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Title Services

Circle A Title Company is proud of its fully electronic, digitized title plant which reaches all the way back to the sovereignty of the soil in Potter and Randall Counties. But no title plant, no matter how modern, is good enough without a well trained and experienced staff of professional title searchers and examiners. Our title staff is just that and it is ready to serve you with title insurance and non-title insurance products. If you need title evidence, title reports, document copies or other title related items, call us at 806-345-1654, or send us an e-mail at kendra.pickering@circleatitle.com.




Gloria Soliz
Title Plant Manager 

(806) 345-1654
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Kendra Black
Sr. Title Officer

(806) 345-1654
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Tosha Brogdon
Title Plant Assistant 

(806) 345-1654
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Debbie Briseno
Title & Policy Officer 

(806) 345-1654
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Daryla Hass

(806) 345-1654

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Meet our legal staff. Dee Miller, Oth Miller and Norman Gutzmer have more than a combined 125 years of legal experience, primarily in the areas of real estate law and title insurance. In addition, they have over thirty years experience in owning and operating title companies. They will be happy to assist you in resolving any title issues which may arise and are always happy to visit with you about the particular requirements of your real estate deal.


Dee Oth Norman

Dee Miller

Oth Miller

Norman Gutzmer

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