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We're Serious About Security

ANB has some blocks in place to help reduce the risk of fraudulent activity to our cardholders. These blocks are in place and setup to minimally impact our cardholders unless the transaction being completed is fraudulent. However, to ensure you do not have any problems while traveling we always ask for our cardholders to contact a bank representative so we can notate your card for travel. This information is only used for your protection and for our reps to know we can possibly expect transactions from a different state or country.

  • Always contact your bank when you are traveling using 806-378-8100 for all bank cards, 1-800-528-2273 for debit cards, and 1-800-442-4757 for credit cards.
  • Utilize Internet banking, our mobile phone app, or bank by phone to monitor your account while on your trip.
  • Call the numbers above to report fraudulent activity and lost or stolen cards to reduce any further loss to the bank or cardholder.
  • If for some reason you are unable to reach a bank rep by phone, you can email the bank by emailing us here. We will receive the email and respond to your problem or request as soon as we can.

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