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Amarillo National Bank Gives Gift of $1 Million to Wildfire Disaster Relief

Locally owned bank expands charitable giving in response to wildfires


AMARILLO – February 28, 2024 – William Ware, President of Amarillo National Bank will be announcing an ANB gift of $1 Million to open a donor-advised fund at the Amarillo Area Foundation specifically to aid victims of the devastating Panhandle wildfires.

In addition, ANB will be accepting public donations at any of our ANB branches into a benefit account going towards the Panhandle Disaster Relief Fund, also at the Amarillo Area Foundation.

Press Conference is set for today, Wednesday February 28th, 2024, 12:00pm, Amarillo National Bank main bank lobby, 410 S Taylor, Amarillo, Tx 79101

“These fires have devastated our community. We wanted to help those who lost their homes or businesses.” says William Ware, President of ANB.

Family ownership is key to ANB's ability to react quickly during emergency situations like these wildfires.


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There’s no use denying it: money plays a pretty significant role for a bank. But at Amarillo National Bank, we do work hard to move beyond the day-to-day focus on money. One way is to be as generous as possible — with our resources, our talent, and our time.

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ANB Involved

Meet Our A-Team!

Community Involvement - A Team Food Bank

Every year, our employees give more than four thousand hours of community service to the organizations working to make our area a better place. Last year, ANB employees were active in more than 170 different organizations throughout Amarillo and Borger, serving as board members, committee members, leaders, and volunteers.


Community Involvement - Tress

Revitalization is about more than new buildings.  We have planted 500 tree's including 120 new trees between Taylor and Polk streets for a greener, more walkable downtown.  We hope this beautification inspires others to plan for the future.

This is also proof, that we are...Here to Stay.


Source: Amarillo National Bank Community Reinvestment Act Performance Evaluation, Comptroller of the Currency, January 03, 2022